Free Hospital Beds

When it comes to needing hospital beds for home use, there are many options available. The unfortunate thing however is that millions of people in the United States do not have health insurance. Many health insurance policies will offset the cost of a hospital bed but if you do not have insurance coverage or your policy does not provide coverage for certain medical equipment then you may have to pay for the bed out of pocket. This can be a financial strain for many who are living paycheck to paycheck and simply do not have the available cash for a hospital bed purchase.

Getting Them Free

You can however, check to see about getting free hospital beds. There are many consumers and hospitals alike that donate hospital beds simply because they no longer need them or they are upgrading to better models. If you are having trouble paying for a hospital bed that you need for yourself or a loved one then free hospital beds can be very beneficial.

Why People Donate Hospital Beds

There are many reasons why someone may donate their hospital bed to you. They may want to simply have it out of the way or they may be concerned about the environment and want to keep from sending it to a landfill. They know that the bed will be put to good use when they donate it to someone who needs it and they can use the donation as a tax deduction as well. Many simply do not need the money that would result from selling the used hospital bed or they simply do not have the time to wait for the bed to sell so they would rather give it away than leave it sitting in their home or hauling it to the land fill. Whatever the reason that they are donated, free hospital beds help thousands of consumers without health insurance to receive the medical equipment that they need.

Where to Find Free Beds

You can check with your doctor about the possibility of locating free hospital beds. He or she may know of a patient or organization that provides this equipment to others. There are also a few organizations that take hospital bed donations and then provide them to other patients in need. Check with your local hospital as well to see if they are moving any older beds out to make room for newer models. The internet can be a wonderful resource in finding free hospital beds so make sure that you spend a bit of time researching the possible organizations in your area that may help you to acquire this need.

Condition of the Bed

You should understand that most donations are not going to look brand new. You may still need to purchase a mattress or have the bed maintained before you use it. This is still much less expensive than actually buying a hospital bed outright. Check on the overall condition of the bed to see what will be needed for use before you pick up the bed or have it delivered.